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This lathe and plaster wall had blown, leaving the wall feeling bouncy under the wall paper.

Solution: Damaged parts of wall were removed, wall was patched up with plasterboard, the area undercoated to give a level area and the whole wall was skimmed to a smooth finish ready for painting.

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The walls in this hall had suffered wear and tear over time leaving them needing a revamp

Solution: Walls were skimmed using a two coat skimming method. Edges and corners are defined.

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This new extension needed walls, ceilings and some boxing in ready to be turned into a new living space

Solution: Some areas were plaster boarded, some were undercoated and all walls and ceilings were skimmed to leave a beautiful new room ready for decorating. 

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This artex ceiling needed modernising

Solution: Ceiling was skimmed using a two coat skimming method. The result was a smooth ceiling left ready for decorating. 

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A new loft hatch had been put in leaving the ceiling and walls damaged 

Solution: Undercoat used to make good damaged areas. Walls and ceiling skimmed leaving fresh surfaces ready for painting.  

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The images below show various plastering techniques applied to create smooth, fresh walls ready for painting or decorating. Each group of images also has a brief description to give you an idea of the work we have undertaken.

This new conservatory needed a ceiling

Solution: Area was plaster boarded and then skimmed. Due to the shape of the room the ceiling had three edges to join into a peak, getting these joins perfectly straight was essential to ensure a high quality finish.

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This ceiling had been left water damaged following a leak in the room above.

Solution: Once the leak was repaired the damaged parts of the ceiling were removed. The whole ceiling was over boarded and then skimmed.

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